Company Profile

Antiplags is Co-powered by Airo, an organization has been working for a decade in the filed of Research. Since 2006, it has numerous projects comprising Analysis, Research Assistance, Research Content Making, Research Journal Publication, etc. With the issue of plagiarism and Internet data stealing, the top executives of the organization observed that there must be a solution for this task. Identify the plagiarism, providing the plagiarism free sources, plagiarism removing procedure, and antiplagiarism certificate for the recognition of plagiarism free data of any data base such as website, thesis and any content, has now become the salient feature of Antiplags. It was also noted that no organization and even no software of India is doing the job of identifying Plagiarism.
We are the first organisation, built a unique software for such use. Even it has also been observed through a survey and direct testing of existing software, that accuracy in working is not satisfied when we use foreign software.
IEDU Imperial Explore Data Unit of this software is the unmatched quality that no other software of the world is having this unique feature. As per the reviews we have got 99% satisfaction from the users across the India and world.