Anti Plagiarism Certificate

Anti Plagiarism Certificate refers to a certification declares your ownership on your copied free data. Anti Plagiarism Certificate is one of the world’s unique certificates, given to the Author, Writer, Publisher, or any content owner who wants to declare that the content prepared by him/her is unique and not copied through any online material or website or web-portal via the source of Internet. If you have Anti Plagiarism Certificate that means you are submitting copied free data and it is considered that your respective data is only yours and you have not copied it from Internet.
The chances of accepting your Ph.D. Thesis, or any other subject’s Dissertation, Project, Research Paper, Article, Proceedings, Prospectus, Profile, Book, Website, Software, or any data now become increased when you are carrying Anti Plagiarism Certificate.

Plagiarism Report

In Plagiarism Report we provide the percentage of plagiarism (copied material) available on Internet. Three major things are mentioned in the report 1. Percentage of Plagiarism.
2. Links of Website where your data is already available.
3. Selected Contents which have plagiarism.

Plagiarism Free Tool

Through Plagiarism Free Tool we make your content copied-free. In this process relevant data or word structure is changed without disturbing the actual mean of the content. We suggest the useful words or sentences to maintain the relevancy of the matter but it may be replaced by another word of sentence to maintain the flow and meaning of the content as per his requirement. After applying this tool the result is submitted in the software to understand the remaining plagiarism content, and then step by step the whole plagiarism is removed.

Why to Get it?

It is a well known fact that for many decades the useful content has been copying from the websites to make us ours. Either it’s a matter of making thesis dissertation, project, website content, formula, software, procedure, technical or academic book or any text material; most of the people steal the data from the website and become the next owner but illegally. Anti Plagiarism Certificate is a itself a declaration of your ownership towards your data or content. Plagiarism may destroy your career life. Antiplags is an essay checker accepted as an important and useful tool for Phd scholars, students, research scholars, teachers, instructors, professors, website owners, and professional writers. It detects copyright infringement in your essay, research paper, coursework or dissertation.

How is it Given?

If you apply your data to get Anti Plagiarism Certificate, First of all your data is checked through our reliable tools, methods and a certain procedure and then we tell you how much data is a copied material or available in the same sequence on Internet. Then we suggest you to change the words, sentences or other required content or methods to make it copy free. Then resubmitted data is again checked with the same procedure and then after getting satisfactory percentage of copied free material as per your requirement we issue Anti Plagiarism Certificate.

Who Can Get it?

Ph.D. Holder, People who are making their thesis, dissertation, project of any academic or non academic course, Syllabus Maker, Question paper maker, Website owner, Software Maker, Researcher, Formula, Procedure, or Ingredient maker, Recipe maker, Configuration maker, Book Writer, Lyrics writer, Music Composer, Script Writer, Dialogue Writer, Play Writer, Poet, Novelist, Design maker, etc.

How to Apply ?

If you want to get Plagiarism Report , and Anti Plagiarism Certificate along with Plagiarism Removing Service of your Ph.D. / M.Tech. Thesis Dissertation, Project, Research Paper, Article, Proceedings, Letters, emails, Book, Literature, Story, Drama, Plays, Dialogues, Songs, Prospectus, Report, Syllabus, Profile, Websites / Web-portals / Blogs or any data. Just click on apply button Fill the details and pay the required amount. You will get message on our website for the successful submission and time to get your product. You will get email for Plagiarism report within the time limit give by us and further Anti Plagiarism Certification process will be done, if you are applying for APC (Anti Plagiarism Certificate). The soft copy and hard copy of all the report and certificate will be sent your email ID and your correspondence address too. For International customers the shipment charges will be charged separately as per the country/city shipment rates for the purpose of sending Hardcopy of plagiarism report and certificate if required.